We would like to bring to your attention a matter of great importance regarding fraudulent recruitment activities associated with our company, Emarat Maritime LLC. It has come to our notice that certain individuals and organizations are falsely representing themselves as representatives or employees of Emarat Maritime, conducting fraudulent recruitment processes, and deceiving job seekers with false promises of employment opportunities within our organization.

We take this matter very seriously and wish to alert all job seekers to these deceptive practices to ensure that you are not victimized by such fraudulent activities.

Please be aware of the following warning signs that may indicate a fraudulent recruitment attempt:

     Unsolicited communications: Be cautious of unsolicited emails, phone calls, or messages claiming to be from Emarat Maritime without any prior application or interaction from your end.

     Requests for personal information: Do not provide personal or financial information, such as bank account details, social security number, passport details, or any other sensitive data, especially through email or unsecured platforms.

     Payment requests: Emarat Maritime does not require job seekers to pay any fees for job applications, processing, visas, work permits, or any other employment-related purposes.

     Poor communication and unprofessionalism: Pay attention to grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, unprofessional email addresses, or communication that does not adhere to standard business practices.

If you encounter any of the above warning signs or have any doubts about the authenticity of a job offer claiming to be from Emarat Maritime, we strongly urge you to take the following steps:

     Verify the source: Refer "Career" section in this website for legitimate job openings. Emarat Maritime job offers shall be listed in our official LinkedIn page.

     Report the incident: If you believe you have been a victim of recruitment fraud or have received a fraudulent job offer claiming to be from Emarat Maritime, please report it immediately to your local law enforcement authorities and inform us at recruitment@emaratmaritime.com.

At Emarat Maritime, we have a strict and ethical recruitment process. We operate solely through official channels and never request any form of payment from candidates during the recruitment process.

We are actively investigating these fraudulent activities and taking appropriate legal measures to safeguard the reputation of our organization. Appreciate your cooperation and vigilance in combating recruitment fraud.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at recruitment@emaratmaritime.com