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Objectives for Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental protection


In order to achieve the stated quality, safety, health and environmental protection policy , the company objectives are:


To provide for safe practices in ship operations and to undertake all activities safely to ensure safety to personnel and property.


Minimize toxic emissions through the selection and use of efficient power sources for our fleet hence preventing damage to the environment.


Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring that they are as efficient as possible.


To prevent all incidents and errors that may cause injury or hardship to persons or damage to the environment, thereby ensuring zero spills and accidents.


To develop a sense of personal responsibility in all personnel on board the company's ships and ashore towards health, safety and environmental protection.


To achieve excellence in quality of services rendered to all our customers thereby ensuring total customer satisfaction.


To satisfactorily resolve the claims of all customers


To develop necessary competence and continuously improve the processes to meet / upgrade all quality and safety requirements and to achieve economy in our operations.


To ensure compliance with all mandatory rules and regulations and all statutory and legal requirements and that the requirements of all codes, guidelines and standards are taken into consideration.





Mission & Vision


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