Emarat Maritime is a dynamic shipping company with a multinational team of skilled professionals providing the highest quality of service. Headquartered in Dubai,Emarat Maritime is highly diversified and one of the most successful and prominent Ship operating company in the United Arab Emirates.
Formed in 1990, Emarat is today a prominent player in the global shipping market & is well known as an operator of a young fleet of modern, well maintained & efficient vessels.
The Company's primary focus is on the dry bulk and the energy markets. It commenced its operations in 1990 with agricultural products trade and eventually changed its strategy with the turn of the century and acquiring a handy-max bulk carrier in 2001. Having taken over its first tanker in 2006, EML embarked upon a gradual & well designed expansion plan which spans over a period of 5 years. EML currently has a fleet of 6 Aframax tankers and 4 Bulk Carriers.
We operate our fleet to the highest industry standards; where factors like crew welfare, safety awareness & environmental conscientiousness are not just procedural requirements, but a company culture. This culture is a direct influence of our core values & has been inculcated by virtue of the commitment of the top management, who are actively involved in the reviews of the QSHE policy & its implementation. Emarat is an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified company.
Our firm belief in people, leadership and technical excellence results in a highly efficient, safe and reliable service that enables us to provide the best possible returns for our clients.


Ceaselessly serving global trade with a constant endeavor to conserve energy,preserve the environment and protect people thereby contributing towards global economic growth and development.


To be a forerunner in the shipping industry, having the highest quality and safety standards, a well equipped fleet, and a highly qualified and motivated workforce.


- Conducting of Company Audit
- Corrective action plan on audit results
- Mangement review meeting
- Selection of Certification body
- Submission of quality mannuals to body


" Since our inception, we have been driven by a business model that focuses on a customer centric approach. Equipped with a strong value system & a vision to serve international shipping, we have constantly endeavored to excel in various aspects of the business - like Ship Operation, Chartering, Marine Insurance and Technical Services etc. Today, EML is a leading Ship operator in the region that is well known amongst its business associates and customers, as one that provides quality service with utmost efficiency. This, coupled with our vast industry expertise, enables us to focus on adapting and tailoring solutions for our customers, which gives them the competitive advantage they seek. It is a result of the foresight of our management team & the sheer dedication of our staff that we continue to go from strength to strength, even through these challenging times. I take this opportunity to thank our clients for their continued support & our staff for its unrelenting commitment to the company's goals, which shall help us to realize our vision."

     Capt. Jitendra Misra (Managing Director)


Managing Director

Capt. Jitendra Misra has devoted 47 years of his life to the Maritime industry. With a career that started as a Deck Cadet with India Steamship in 1971, he steadily ascended the ranks to become, at 28 years old, one of the youngest Master in the Indian shipping fleet. After eight years in command he stepped ashore in 1988 to take up commercial challenges with a firm in UK.
He came to Dubai in February 1990 to set up the ship-owning division for a large business conglomerate. This was the beginning of Emarat Maritime and Capt. Misra has been the Managing Director of the Company since 1997. more...

General Manager-Finance

Mr. Sanjeev Kharkar is a Chartered Accountant by profession with over 30 years of post qualification experience, 18 of which have been in the Shipping industry, where he has worked with various organizations in India and overseas. more...

Head - Commercial Tankers

Capt. Pradeep Kumar Sawhney started his sea career in 1980. After sailing for 20 years as deck officer in different ascending capacities up to and including the rank of Master on various sizes of crude and product tankers quit sailing and started a new career ashore. more...

General Manager - Technical

Mr.Naithani passed out from prestigious DMET Calcutta in 1975 and began his sailing career with SCI. He later joined ARYA’S and then V-SHIPS in 1986 sailing on various types of vessels with multiple nationalities. more...

Head - Insurance & Claims

Mr. Sankara Subramanian is a graduate in Economics & also holds a Diploma in Insurance Law. He is also a Member of the Insurance Institute of India, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport. more...

Head - IT & Communications

Mr. Baskar Shanmuganantham started his career in 1993 as a Systems Analyst and held various positions in Information Technology divisions of diversified business entities. He has gained extensive knowledge in various IT and Communications business solutions. more...


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QSHE Policy

Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental protection(QSHE) policy

We are fully committed to consistently providing total quality in all our services to satisfy and enhance current and emerging needs and expectations of our customers

It is the policy of the company that all employees in every function ashore and on board its ships execute their work under safe and healthy conditions with proper concern to prevent all acts that could compromise safety of lives, cause personal injury or damage to property.

The company aims at minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment, by accepting responsibility for the harmful effects its operations have on the local and global environment. The company is committed to reducing these effects by measuring their impact on the environment and setting targets for ongoing improvement.

The management is totally committed to implementing this policy ashore and on board its ships and we shall strive to fulfill this commitment by implementing all the requirements of ism code, ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 in our operations as set forth in our quality and safety management system, and encouraging total employee involvement leading to continuous improvement of our processes and services.

Objectives for QSHE

Objectives for Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental protection

In order to achieve the stated quality, safety, health and environmental protection policy , the company objectives are:

 To provide for safe practices in ship operations and to undertake all activities safely to ensure safety to personnel and property.
 Minimize toxic emissions through the selection and use of efficient power sources for our fleet hence preventing damage to the environment.
 Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring that they are as efficient as possible.
 To prevent all incidents and errors that may cause injury or hardship to persons or damage to the environment, thereby ensuring zero spills and accidents.
 To develop a sense of personal responsibility in all personnel on board the company's ships and ashore towards health, safety and environmental protection.
 To achieve excellence in quality of services rendered to all our customers thereby ensuring total customer satisfaction.
 To satisfactorily resolve the claims of all customers
 To develop necessary competence and continuously improve the processes to meet / upgrade all quality and safety requirements and to achieve economy in our operations.
 To ensure compliance with all mandatory rules and regulations and all statutory and legal requirements and that the requirements of all codes, guidelines and standards are taken into consideration.

D&A Policy

Drug and Alcohol abuse policy

The company's drug and alcohol abuse policy exceeds the recommendations contained in ocimf's guidelines for the control of drugs and alcohol on board ship.

With regard to alcohol, this policy is based on the following:

 The maximum permissible blood alcohol content (bac) whilst on board the company's ships is 40mg / 100ml.
 1 hour of abstinence for each unit of alcohol consumed.
 Total abstinence from alcohol for 4 hours prior to a period of scheduled responsibility, i.e. Watchkeeping duties, port arrival/departure etc.
 Flag, port or coastal state requirements, which exceed the requirements of this policy, shall be adhered to as if included in this policy.
 Any form of drug, with the exception of prescribed drugs, is totally banned from company managed vessels. Personnel on prescribed drugs must declare this fact to the master upon joining the vessel, or upon prescription if prescribed during the period of service onboard. The master if on prescribed drugs must declare this fact to the company prior to joining the vessel, or upon prescription during the period of service onboard.
 The master monitors the effective implementation of this policy on board. In addition, officers and ratings shall undergo appropriate tests carried out during routine medical examinations, as well as unannounced random tests conducted by qualified personnel to port state and owner's requirements.

Security Policy

Company Security Policy

It is the policy of the company, to provide a secure working environment, by establishing and maintaining the required security measures to prevent unlawful acts against the ship, which endanger the safety and security of persons and property on board company ships.
Company objectives are to:
 Provide security procedures and practices for ship operations to protect the security of the ship, ports and the wider community.
 Establish safeguards to reduce the security risk to visitors, crew and shore personnel on board the company ships.
 Improve the security skills and awareness of the company and ship board personnel; and
 Prepare contingency measures for emergencies relating to possible security incidents.
The company intends to achieve these objectives by:
 Carrying out a ship security assessment and formulating a security plan specific to each ship.
 Providing comprehensive training in matters pertaining to security and actively promoting security awareness amongst company personnel.
 Carrying out regular reviews and internal audits of the ship board management system of all ships; and
 Providing the necessary support to the Company Security Officer (CSO) and Ship Security Officer (SSO) to fulfill their duties in accordance with chapter XI-2 of the 1974 SOLAS convention and parts A and B of the ISPS Code.



Emarat Maritime deploys its fleet of modern SUPRAMAX & ULTRAMAX (55000 dwt to 61000 dwt) Bulk Carriers and AFRAMAX Tankers for worldwide trading.
The focus of the Dry Cargo chartering is primarily on the carriage of dry bulk Cargoes.
The Chartering team is also active in:
 Chartering-in of tonnage.
 Sale & Purchase of the Vessels.
 Post fixture operations, Operational Monitoring and analysis of the overall financial performance of the fleet.
 Market research and forward planning.
 Financial evaluation & assessment of new projects, Contracts of Affreightment & Joint Ventures.
 Risk assessment & management

Ship Operation

Emarat Maritime provides management services which are geared to the proficient operation of a diverse range of vessels.
The Operations division, comprising of Senior Shore staff & experienced Master Mariners, supports a comprehensive range of specialist services, which include:
Onboard performance monitoring, with respect to:
 Safety of Navigation.
 Cargo stowage, load, carriage and discharge operations.
 Coordination with all concerned operational third parties.
 Communication with Charterers.
 Safety and welfare of crew
Inspection and audits on ships, to:
 Ensure efficient performance of deck officers and crew.
 Evaluate loading, discharging and cleaning operations.
 Train crew on QSHE management system.
 Prepare for Vetting/Port state inspections.

Technical Management

Since the performance of any shipping company is largely dependent on the performance condition of its ships, Emarat Maritime strives to maintain its ships in top class condition at all times. The technical department of Emarat Maritime provides the following services through their technical superintendents.
 Periodic inspection and maintenance of vessels under Company management.
 Repairing inspection and maintenance of vessels under Company management.
 Repairing and dry docking of Company management vessels.
 Co-ordination with classification/statutory authorities.
 Inventory control of all spares/stores on board the ships.
 Implementation of Q & S Management systems in the area of operations.
 Verification and reporting to management on the performance of Q & S Management Systems on board the ships.
 Verification and inspections for ensuring quality of F.O./G.O.
 Analysis of performance characteristics of all machinery.

Marine Insurance

Our team of master mariners, management consultants and insurance consultants ensures prompt services when it comes to marine consultancy questions such as:
 Providing marine insurance services.
 Liaison with Hull & Machinery Insurers and Fixed Premium Clubs globally.
 Arrangement of services as per project study.

Technical Services

 Providing project feasibility studies for cargo operations to third parties viz. Computation of total cost for setting up offshore company, identification of probable ships to be used, purchase of ships if required pre-purchase surveys as required etc.



It is the policy of the Company to conduct its business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and in an ethically responsible manner.

All shore based and ship based personnel carry out their duties in an ethical and honest manner ensuring that they exhibit the highest standards of integrity and righteousness at all times. We expect and encourage all business partners, contractors and their employees to act in a way consistent with our code.

We are committed to doing business with honesty and integrity and to comply with all applicable national and international trade compliance regulations and laws in all jurisdictions in which we operate.

We are committed to conduct business in a fair and ethical manner, promoting healthy competition and protecting the interest of our customers and other stakeholders. We endeavor to honor our contractual obligations, including prompt payments in accordance with the terms of our agreements with suppliers.

Reasonable gifts and hospitality that are not intended to influence the recipient improperly are normal and important part of building business relationships. But we do not offer or accept monetary benefits or gifts to achieve business advantages which we would not otherwise be entitled to. We ensure that all offerings of any significance are disclosed and approved by respective manager.

We are committed to the prevention of corruption and will not tolerate bribery in any of its form in our business. We comply with anti-bribery and corruption laws and regulations and support efforts to eliminate bribery and corruption worldwide. We keep accurate books and records so that payments are honestly described and company funds are not used for unlawful purposes.

We treat everyone with fairness, respect and dignity to create a work environment free of any form of discrimination or harassment based on race, colour, national origin, religion, gender, age, gender identity, marital status, disability or any other characteristics protected by applicable laws. We expect those we work with to act in a way consistent with our sense of fairness and equal opportunity.

We show great care in guarding our intellectual property and respect the intellectual property rights of others. We obtain necessary permissions before sharing confidential or business sensitive information with others. Where appropriate we sign confidentiality agreement. Use of personal social media for business purposes is not allowed.



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